Starting a business can be tricky. But, starting a B2C business providing scooter rental services is trickier. That is why we are writing this blog. It’ll help you understand the basic things you need to start a scooter sharing company. So, you might take some notes to ensure you do not miss out on something crucial.

Before we jump right into the interesting stuff, let’s understand what the scooter sharing business means. So, you can get a better understanding of what you’ll need to create a smooth operation setup.

What is a scooter sharing business?

What is a scooter sharing business?

Scooter sharing business includes a bunch of scooter rental services provided to customers. Primarily, it is to rent an e scooter from a specific location, a dock, and pay for the ride as per the distance traveled. So, you can charge a pay-per-ride model, give monthly packs, or another payment package to help people rent the bike. Furthermore, handle the maintenance of the scooter and make a profit from the charges of riding the scooter.

As people are becoming nature conscious, they opt for public or shareable rides. The growing economy and expenses have added to the boom in  scooter sharing business. The market is expecting 1.6% user penetration leading to an estimated 124.8 million users by 2026 in E scooter rental business market. So, if you are an entrepreneur eager to grow a sustainable business or a businessman wanting to invest in a profitable opportunity this is a good choice for you.

To kickstart your business, you need a few things ready. It ranges from registering your business to promoting it and everything in between. Let’s talk about the 5 absolute basic things you need to start your business. You can improve and add to this list later as you grow your business.

5 things you need to start a scooter sharing company

5 things you need to start a scooter sharing company

Select the right scooter and IoT devices for your business

First, you need e-scooters to rent out. The e scooter sharing companies need a fleet of e-scooters to make them available at various locations. Thus, you need to determine the e-scooter that fits your business model. The scooter you choose should be durable and robust enough to withstand rough weather.

Additionally, it must have a great battery life, and maintenance should be easy. So, you can buy the scooter based on your budget and project needs. Also, you can enter into a partnership business to make a profitable deal.

You will need IoT devices to make your scooter sharing system work. The IoT device connects the scooter features with the internet and the software. It enables users to find a nearby scooter, lock and unlock the scooter, and make payment for the ride. The admin (you) can track your scooters, oversee scooter performance, and conduct a thorough analysis.

A pro tip is to determine certain KPIs for your e-scooter, such as its battery life, durability, security features, and more. Then, shortlist a few e-scooter manufacturers. Try them all and then make your final decision. To make the offer lucrative, offer helmets and other safety tools to ensure your customers’ safe rides.

Finding the right scooter and compatible IoT devices can be a tricky business. From understanding your needs, and comparing the available scooters with IoT devices, to selecting the one that fits your business, we can help you on each step.  Schedule your meeting now!

Presence in various locations for rebalancing fleet

To get your business started, you need to place your scooters in various locations from where people can rent them. So, you need to identify the areas that have more of your target audience and the estimated demand. Depending on these factors you can determine the number of e scooter you’ll need to meet the demand and make a profit.

The best way to ensure optimum utilization of all your scooters is to adopt the fleet rebalancing system. First, you need to identify your busy and slow engagement stations for renting a scooter. Now, you can shift the scooter from a slow or low-engagement area to a busy area. Thus, fleet rebalancing can make you more bucks.

Government approval to start your business 

We know, being an entrepreneur and businessman, you already know this. But, for the sake of ‘we have to say this out loud’ let us be. So, once you are sure of starting your e-scooter sharing company, you must register your business with the government. It safeguards your business. Furthermore, it helps you dodge any fines or other penalties in case something goes wrong in the future.

The business license makes your company a legal entity. Thus, you can manage your business better and also get financial support from the market if needed. Partnering becomes easy and so does building trust. If you want to expand globally, these government approvals smoothen the process.

A scooter sharing system software for management

An e scooter sharing business needs close analysis of performance and tracking of vehicles. To make this process easier, a scooter sharing system needs to be established. The system includes a scooter sharing app and admin software.

The admin software helps you with all your operational tasks. For example, an inventory panel to oversee several scooters, their batteries, maintenance schedule, and more. There are many panels such as a customer ticket window to provide live customer support, generate reports, and more. Furthermore, you can track your e-scooters to maintain security.

On the contrary, the scooter sharing app is for your customers. Through the app, they can find the nearby scooter, unlock it, use and then make payment through the same app. The app enables customers to save their account details to easily use the app next time around. Additionally, you can use this app to promote various marketing campaigns among your users directly.

Depending on your needs and budget you can connect with an E-Scooter Sharing App Development Company to build your software from scratch or subscribe to software. 

A team for customer support and maintenance

While you service stations and e-scooter stands (not if you choose dockless rental service) scattered around in the city, states, or even countries; you need a headquarters. From this headquarters, you can oversee your fleet, track it, manage repair service schedules, and more.

To ensure that your operations run smoothly, you need a team. The team includes a maintenance team for e-scooters, a tech team for software management, and an administrative and marketing team for respective tasks. Harmony among these teams ensures hassle-free business and quality service. Schedule your maintenance check for scooters and ensure that the app runs without any errors for enhanced user experience to boost your business.

You can hire employees for the maintenance of scooters and software, or you can arrange a contract with experts. The experts will ease your burden and offer quality service. So, you can focus on making growth strategies while the experts do the work for you.

How does Squillion Tech help you? 

Squillion Tech is a well-versed team of developers dedicated to making software and cloud solutions. Our team has developed an all-in-one Scooter Sharing Software with a whitelable app. It is available on a subscription basis. Thus, you can access the software and boost your operation accuracy at a minimum cost without any maintenance worries.

What’s so special about our software? Here are a few features of our solution:

  • A white-label app for personal branding
  • Geofencing and telematic tracking to locate the scooters
  • Diverse third-party integrations to connect with e-scooters, your system, payment gateway, and more
  • Live inventory insights: battery, availability, and more
  • Data collection for analysis and report generation
  • Live customer support ticket system for quick assistance provision
  • Personal account for users for quick access and payment

There are many more scooter sharing services we provide to boost your system. We have other logistics and fleet management software catering to a similar audience. So, we specialize in transportation and app development niches. Thus, we want to help you achieve your goals by offering our software on a subscription basis.


Let’s sum up the article. A scooter sharing company offers e scooters on rent. So, they help the user to find the scooter, unlock it, and pay for the ride online using the scooter sharing app. Global warming and inflation have boosted the use of e scooter sharing. Thus, it has become a lucrative market. To start a scooter sharing company, you first need some trustable e scooters with good battery life, durability, and sustainability. Choose a scooter to fit your target areas and fit the environment target area. You must register your business to legalize it and access various supports. Now you need a place to control the operations like inventory tracking, marketing your business, and more. Furthermore, a scooter sharing system with admin software and a user app is crucial to get your business running.

Squillion Tech provides ready-to-use software and a whitelable app for personal branding. There are many exciting services to improve your operations. Additionally, the app is focused on enhancing user interaction to retain them. Let’s take your scooter sharing company to the mark of success together. Get quotes now!