Empowering Medicare with Healthcare App Development Services

In a time when new technology is changing many industries, we believe healthcare should also benefit from these changes. At our company, we use the latest technology to create apps that make healthcare easy to reach and focus on the needs of patients.  

We make apps with easy-to-use features such as setting up doctor visits, keeping track of health records, remote doctor visits, and more to make things as convenient as possible for the people using them.  

Are you ready to make healthcare more accessible with just a touch? 

Healthcare app development services

The Rising Importance of
Healthcare App Development

More and more people are seeking new tech solutions to improve their health care, especially in programs like Medicare. By 2025, the value of tech in the healthcare sector is predicted to surpass $6 trillion (about $18,000 per person in the US).  


This shows how much people are starting to rely on these advanced tech solutions in healthcare. 


The increasing importance of telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and the demand for seamless healthcare have made medical app development more crucial than ever. 


Healthcare apps have transformed from simple tools into platforms that actively engage patients and nurture long-lasting connections. 


By addressing the growing demand for convenient healthcare experiences, these apps grant patients 24/7 access to explore medical information, appointment bookings, prescription management, and even virtual consultations. 


Using the latest technology in healthcare mobile application development, you can remain ahead in the market and connect with patients online when they are looking for health services. 

Healthcare Mobile App Development Services:
Powering Medical System

At Squillion, we provide a wide range of healthcare app development services to meet the varied requirements of healthcare providers and enhance patient care delivery. 

With our proficiency in both native and hybrid app development, we create customized medical mobile applications that streamline healthcare operations and empower healthcare professionals and patients alike. 

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Our team specializes in developing customized medical mobile applications that cater to the specific requirements of healthcare facilities. These apps facilitate easy interactions, monitoring, tracking, and notification features, ensuring seamless healthcare experiences for providers and patients.

Healthcare Wearable App Development

Leveraging leading wearable platforms such as Apple Watch, Android Gear, and Google Glass, we create healthcare wearable-compatible apps that integrate usability, functionality, voice commands, AI sensors, ML data, and security parameters. These apps enable better tracking of healthcare activities and enhance patient engagement.

Healthcare Product App Development

We design and develop healthcare products and systems suitable apps that aid healthcare organizations, life science institutes, and pharmacies in managing, monitoring, and automating various operations. From administration and treatment tracking to drug research, clinical trials, and electronic records management, our solutions optimize efficiency and streamline processes.

Medical Device Software Development

Our expertise extends to the development of apps and software for medical devices. We ensure compliance with leading healthcare standards and regulations, including ISO 13485, IEC 62304, HIPAA, FDA, ANSI, and more. These integrated solutions facilitate seamless medical operations for doctors, nurses, physicians, and lab assistants.

Medical Imaging Solution

We provide cutting-edge medical imaging and 3D imaging solutions that assist medical practitioners, device manufacturers, and researchers with inaccurate diagnoses. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning components like artificial neural networks, deep learning, and NLP, our solutions enable precise analysis of medical images.

Medical App Development

Our medical app development services cater to the needs of doctors and patients. We create feature-rich apps that improve medication and drug management operations. From drug inspection and supply management to drug reminders, medicine research, and clinical trials, our apps enhance the overall healthcare experience.

Healthcare CRM & Patient Data Management

We develop healthcare CRM and patient data management solutions that enable effective tracking of patient information. These solutions provide personalized offerings based on patient profiles, leading to better patient experiences and more tailored treatments.

Diseases, Ailment & Condition Management App

Our expertise extends to developing apps that monitor and manage chronic diseases, ailments, and conditions among patients. With timely notifications, recommendations, reporting, medication intake tracking, and symptom monitoring, these apps empower healthcare providers to take effective treatment measures.

Clinic Management App Development

We provide clinic management applications that streamline scheduling and appointment management for physicians and doctors. Alongside better reporting, billing, and patient data management, these apps enhance operational efficiency in healthcare facilities.

Fitness & Nutrition Management App Development

We develop fitness, nutrition, and wellness management apps with intuitive UI and advanced functionalities. These apps empower users to manage their lifestyle, fitness goals, food habits, and personal health data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar levels.

Feature-Packed Healthcare Application Development for Enhanced User Experience

In healthcare app development, delivering outstanding user experience is crucial. At Squillion, we excel in crafting healthcare apps with robust features that simplify tasks and prioritize user satisfaction. 

Our apps combine functionality with user-friendly design, ensuring an improved user experience that distinguishes them in the healthcare sector. Our healthcare apps are loaded with features that enhance user satisfaction and streamline healthcare procedures: 

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can easily book appointments, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

Patient Record Maintenance

Patient Record Maintenance

Our apps keep track of patients' treatment history, eliminating the need for repeated explanations.

Medical Appointments

Medical Appointments

Beyond just booking appointments, patients can also book beds, submit reports to doctors, and make payments through the app.

Patient Education

Patient Education

We can keep users informed about the latest in medical science, fostering a well-informed patient community.


Hospital/Staff Management

Our apps facilitate efficient hospital management, from payroll to duty-shifting arrangements.

AI Symptoms Checker

AI Symptoms Checker

Users can input their symptoms and get a predictive analysis of potential health issues.

Drug Inventory Management

Drug Inventory Management

Our healthcare app also includes a feature for managing drug inventory. This functionality ensures that healthcare facilities can track and manage their medication stock efficiently, reducing the likelihood of shortages or wastage.

Our Expertise as a
Healthcare App Development Company

At Squillion Technology, we focus on designing healthcare apps that are both functional and in line with healthcare regulations. 

Our dedication is to provide excellence, security, and innovation in all our app creations. Let’s take a closer look at what we can offer with our extensive experience:  

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HIPAA-Compliant Development

We specialize in designing HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps that adhere to the strongest data security and privacy standards.

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EHR Integration

Our team has extensive experience integrating healthcare apps with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, enabling seamless access to patient records for improved care coordination.

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Telemedicine Solutions

We design and develop telemedicine applications that facilitate remote consultations, virtual visits, and telemonitoring, bringing healthcare services to patients' homes.

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Medical Wearable Integration

We have expertise in integrating medical wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, with healthcare apps for real-time health monitoring.

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AI-Powered Healthcare Solutions

We provide intelligent healthcare systems that use artificial intelligence to allow predictive analytics, customized pharmaceuticals, and enhanced clinical decision-making.

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IoT-Enabled Healthcare Apps

We are skilled at making healthcare apps that use the Internet of Things (IoT) to link medical devices and wearables. This helps collect data and monitor patients from afar.

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Health Data Analytics

Our expertise in health data analysis helps healthcare companies understand valuable information from large amounts of data. This guides smart decisions and population health management.

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Third-Party System Integration

We connect healthcare apps to other systems, like pharmacy management and electronic prescription platforms, to make things work more smoothly.

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Regulatory Compliance

We follow HIPAA, GDPR, and FDA rules to make sure our clients feel confident and secure.


Why Will We Be the Best Choice as Your
Healthcare Mobile App Development Company?

Choosing Squillion means choosing quality, innovation, and expertise. We have a proven track record of delivering successful healthcare app solutions.  


Our skilled team ensures timely delivery and top-notch code quality. We’ve successfully built 2000+ apps for startups, enterprises, and global brands on various platforms. 


With us, you get the best of both worlds – creative design from our Los Angeles team and talented development from our team in India. Success is guaranteed with Squillion. 

Healthcare App Development Process:
Delivering Excellence at Every Level

Here at Squillion, we have a clear and customer-focused method for creating healthcare apps. Our way of doing things ensures that the apps we build are not only new and different but also of great quality and fit what healthcare workers need. 

We take ideas from the best methods used in the industry. This means we are always open and work together well, aiming for top-notch results every step in making these apps. 

Getting Started

We start by really understanding what you want your healthcare app to do. Our team will have detailed conversations to figure out the essential functions and features, focusing on what makes your app unique.

Designing the App

Our skilled designers focus on creating a user-friendly interface (UI) and a friendly user experience (UX). This means making the app simple to navigate and comforting for patients, healthcare professionals, and administrators.

Building the App

Our development team uses advanced technologies to build a robust and adaptable app. We follow agile methods, which lets us adjust easily and complete your project efficiently. Our coding ensures the app is secure, protecting sensitive healthcare information.

Testing the App

Testing is crucial in our process. We perform various tests - functional, performance, security, and compatibility - to make sure the app works without any issues and delivers a great user experience.

Launching the App

After extensive testing, we will help you launch the app on platforms such as iOS and Android. We guide you through a smooth launch process, following app store regulations and best practices. This includes setting up accounts and submitting the app for review.

Ongoing Support

Our support continues after your app is live. We offer ongoing services to keep your app secure, up-to-date, and performing well. This includes fixing bugs, adding new features, ensuring compatibility with new devices and software, and updating the app as per the latest industry trends.

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Some Common FAQs About Our Healthcare App Development Services

What is Healthcare app development?

Healthcare app development involves creating mobile or web applications that facilitate healthcare services. These apps can offer various features like appointment scheduling, patient record maintenance, telemedicine services, and more. 


How much time is needed to create a healthcare application?

The time required to create a healthcare app differs depending on your unique needs. It might range from a few weeks to several months. 


What does it usually cost to build a healthcare application?

The price for building a healthcare app varies. It depends on things like how complex it is, how many features it has, and the steps involved in making it. To get a clearer idea of the cost, it’s good to talk about your specific needs with our team. 


Things to consider before opting for Healthcare mobile app development?

Before opting for healthcare mobile app development, consider factors like the target audience, the problem the app will solve, the features required, compliance with healthcare regulations, and the budget. 


Do your healthcare software development services follow HIPAA compliance?

Yes, our healthcare software development services strictly adhere to HIPAA compliance. We ensure that all patient data is handled securely and confidentially. 


Do you provide ongoing support & post-development medical app maintenance services?

Absolutely! We believe in creating long-term associations with our clients. We offer ongoing support and post-development maintenance services to ensure your app remains updated and functional.