Logistics Software

Transport And Logistics Software Development

We are a logistics software development company creating custom transportation and delivery management apps for you. Optimize your task assignment and goods tracking system and manage your on-field workforce in a cost-effective way with ease. Assists your on-field workforce for hassle-free transit with real-time GPS tracking and troubleshooting mechanisms.


The logistics software is your all-in-one solution with the driver, executive, and admin panel to ensure efficient operation management, a clear understanding of roles, and communication within your team and with the customers.

Logistics Software Features To Assist Your Business Operations

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking to track the vehicles & goods for efficient management, secure delivery, & guiding the on-field workforce.

Route Optimization

The algorithm works with telematic GPS tracking for live insights into the road and traffic to optimize the delivery routes.

Driver Management

Streamline the task assignment, delivery tracking, & performance analysis with an admin panel showcasing the KPI ensuring transparent management.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

Track the vehicle usage and schedule timely maintenance for the longevity of the vehicle and increased ROI.

Order Management

A systematic algorithm to ensure error-free order taking, driver assignment, dispatching, and order delivery for your e-commerce or delivery business.

Inventory Management

Optimize the storage and safety of the deliverable goods with systematic tracking of each parcel with a unique barcode and retrieving it for final delivery.

Customer Portal

A customer portal to ensure the customers can track their delivery (placing the order or receiving the order) with ease at their fingertips.

Automated Billing And Invoicing

The error-free calculation for billing for the deliverable goods and invoices for the workforce to manage payment and track financial transactions.

Analytics And Reporting

Get real-time insights from the delivery, workforce, and management KPIs for improved performance and cost-effective operation management.

Multi-User Environment

Single app with multi-user (drivers, managers, technical team, admin) access to help you manage and delegate roles and responsibilities with authentic access to optimize the workflow.

API Integrations

Diverse third-party site integration to facilitate and increase the functional efficiency of your business operations and ensure a smooth user experience.

Notification And Alerts System

Real-time notification and alerts for deliveries (to drivers and customers), vehicle malfunction, on-route troubleshooting, and more.

Why Choose Us?

Squillion Tech is your best logistics software company because we offer:

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Transparent Development Process

We believe in complete transparency of information for your project. We ensure that all the details regarding the project are clear to avoid any mishaps and hiccups.

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Secure Development with NDA

We understand that your investment and information in the logistics software is sensitive. We proceed with the project after signing an NDA to ensure that your project information is secure.

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Dedicated Tech Experts

We have a dedicated team of tech industry experts with varying expertise in cutting-edge technologies to ensure a smooth user experience on the software and in the back end.

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Diverse Third-Party Integration

Enhance your services with seamless third-party integration to boost your business, assist your team and workforce (payments & customer support), and ease operations management.

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Unvarying Customer Support

We offer our unvarying support to our customers with a diligent customer support team to help you at any step where you face difficulty.

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Regular System Updates

Our commitment to staying up-to-date with technology growth extends to our customers. We regularly update systems with in-demand market technology to ensure you stand ahead of your competition and provide the best security system to build credibility.

How does Logistics Software development work?


In-depth information is gathered about technical and non-technical aspects of the software to establish clear goals and objectives.


Our UI/UX expert creates a user-friendly design to ensure a smooth user experience, from finding a managing workforce to ensuring secured transportation & delivery and everything in between.


We create robust logistics software with cutting-edge technology, frameworks, APIs, and diverse third-party integration.


We ensure software security with a diverse testing and debugging process adhering to industry standards for a smooth user experience and avoiding technical issues.


Once approved by you, we deploy the logistics software and host it for you to use.


What is on demand logistics software development?

On demand logistics software development is the process of developing an on demand logistics app. It deals with delivery and transportation at the convenience of the customer. There are other types of logistics software like Last Mile Delivery, Long Haul Delivery, Reverse Logistics, and more. At Squillion Tech, we help our customers with a custom logistics software and app that fits their business needs and objectives to ensure that they get a high ROI with efficient workflow management.


How does the logistics software work?

With a logistics software, you can streamline the work from task assignment, parcel or goods pick-up, to final delivery or reverse delivery. The logistics software provides you with real-time tracking of your vehicles and goods, on-field workforce, optimizing delivery routes, troubleshooting in delivery, collecting data insights, and more. Overall, it helps you have a broader view of all your logistics operations and track your KPIs to make data-backed decisions and create a cost-effective operation workflow.

Can any business use logistics programs online?

Absolutely! You can use the logistics programs if you deal with physical goods to be delivered to your customers. Whether your customers live in the same city or spread around the globe, a personal logistics solution ensures quality delivery service and provides you control over it.

What does a logistics software development company do?

A logistics software development company is responsible for creating a software and app that helps you automate and facilitate transportation and delivery tasks like taking orders, assigning delivery, tracking goods, managing the workforce, optimizing routes, and more. Our logistics software development company specializes in transportation-related software and applications development. We have a dedicated team of tech-savvy experts creating robust softwares and applications for smooth operation management.


How much does logistics software development cost?

The cost of a logistics software development depends on various factors such as the complexity of the application, desired features and customizations, and more. We establish clear communication regarding the project timeline with our clients with a detailed NDA in place.


Is your logistics software secure?

Yes! We adhere to the industry security standards to ensure the software, app, and the data are secure. We offer authenticated access to the database so you have control over who can access the data.

Can I use a logistics software on any mobile?

Yes! We offer logistics software with a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.