Scooter sharing has recently become a popular travel alternative. Launched over a decade ago, the e scooter sharing process has become much more efficient and accessible. Thus, it has become popular among travelers and office-goers. In this blog, we talk about how the increased use of scooter rental systems has changed the way we travel. In the end, we have talked about how to benefit in the current scenario by starting your scooter sharing company. So, stay tuned!

Before we jump right into the topic, let’s first understand what scooter sharing means.

What is e scooter sharing?

What is e scooter sharing

E scooter sharing, as the name suggests, is a transportation system where you can share the e scooter by renting it. A scooter sharing company places e scooters around the town. You can rent one of those with a scooter sharing app. So, you pay for the distance you traveled and leave the vehicle at a designated station/dock or anywhere in case of a dockless system.

There are many benefits of this scooter sharing system. Therefore, people are switching to them, leading to changes in how we travel. Let’s understand these changes in detail.

How is scooter sharing changing the way we travel?

How Scooter Sharing is Changing the Way We Travel

No more waiting in the queue 

Standing in a queue for a ticket and swaying in the crowded train or bus is not the favorite mode of travel for most of us. Therefore, unlocking your scooter with a quick scan has become increasingly normal.

In scooter sharing, you can unlock the desired e scooter and ride to your destination. With diverse payment gateways, you can pay for your ride ditching the hassle of queueing or renewing your station or bus card.

Environment Benefits

Traditional vehicles have a fuel-based engine. With the raging global warming and depleting natural resources, it is crucial to find fuel alternatives. Hence, there has been a boost in the use of electric vehicles. Notably, the global electric vehicle market is projected to grow to almost $1,579 Billion by 2030.

The government has been promoting the use of vehicles using sustainable energy. It helps conserve natural resources like fossil fuels. So, the government is making infrastructure to support electric vehicles on the road. Thus, people are switching to electric vehicles for traveling in the city leading to less emission of toxic waste. 

Cost-effective travel alternative 

Private vehicle, in this economy, is a luxury. The fuel and maintenance cost a lot more than you might have thought. So, switching to scooter rental saves you some bucks. Additionally, the electric charge system of the e-scooter sharing reduces the cost significantly.

In normal public transport, you must pay a certain amount to get to a certain station. The price system is rigid. However, with e scooter sharing you pay for what you have travel. There are various forms of rental plans varying with the e scooter sharing companies. Therefore, the cost per ride is reduced. Additionally, if you use scooter rental regularly you can subscribe to long-term plans to avail benefits.

Less emission of toxic elements

One of the major drawbacks of fuel-based vehicles is the emission of harmful elements. It feeds the greenhouse effect and pollutes the environment. On the contrary, electric vehicles like e-scooters rely on sustainable energy. Thus, there is low emission from the vehicle. Primarily, there is very small emission when electric vehicle batteries are made. The fuel-based vehicles produce three times more emissions than the electric vehicle.

Notably, with the increasing technology and government incentives many electric scooter manufacturers are making zero-tapline emission scooters. Meaning, that the scooter doesn’t produce any harmful waste or elements while used or manufactured.

More space for parking your ride

We all have received a parking ticket or a fine once in our life. Parking has become a hassle at the current time. And the growing buildings, busy roads, and strict rules don’t seem to make it any better. However, with e scooter, you do not have to worry about parking. There are specialized docks to pick up and park the scooter. Additionally, the size of the scooter is compact. Thus, you can park 5-6 e scooter instead of a single car, saving space.

Many industry-leading scooter sharing companies provide dockless scooter sharing experiences. Meaning, you can park the scooter anywhere (other than a no-parking zone). It saves you from the hassle of finding a parking dock. Thus, you can park it around the destination you have driven to. So, when a user wants to find a scooter near them on the scooter sharing app, they can see the parked available scooter and pick it up after scanning the QR.

Moving through the traffic with ease

How many times have you found yourself on a road full of cars not moving for hours (probably minutes)? Yup, it’s energy-draining and can kill the mood. So, how about you swoosh through the traffic with your e scooter? Not only is it fun, but enables you to move through the traffic with ease. The small e scooters come in handy to move through the traffic or the side lanes.

Save time and energy when in need 

Waiting for a cab or public transport takes time and drains energy, especially during rush hours. E scooter sharing saves you time by providing you with a list of scooters available in the area. You can find the scooter, book it, scan to unlock and you have your ride ready. Therefore, scooter rental has become increasingly popular for office-goers.

Getting on a crowded train or bus and driving your vehicle in traffic drains whatever energy you have. Riding a scooter helps you relax as you move through the breeze and enjoy it like you did as a child.

Scooter rental services: A lucrative business

How Scooter Sharing is Changing the Way We Travel

There is a boom in scooter sharing business. There are many environmental, financial, and economic factors contributing to this. So, it is no surprise that a study expects the number of users of scooter sharing model to rise to 143.50 Million (source). Thus, scooter rental has become a lucrative business. Scooter sharing companies like Lime, Bird, and Spin have already established themselves as an industry leader. However, you can benefit in your country by starting your own scooter sharing business.

To start this, you need some basic investment. Firstly, you’ll need to invest in quality e scooters. The scooter should be sustainable and reliable to work in varying weather conditions. The mileage, charging speed, and other technical specs are a few things to compare the scooter. Decide whether you want a dockless scooter sharing system or one with a dock and make the necessary investment. Now, you need a management system to handle your operations like inventory management, customer support, and vehicle tracking. Therefore, a scooter sharing system like a scooter sharing software with a customer app is the second most important investment.

If you have finances you can develop this software from scratch. However, you might need extra resources to manage the software. So, instead of developing software, you can subscribe to a scooter rental software with an app. This software will give you access to an admin panel with all the support panels and a white-label customer application for your users. Pay the subscription fee and use the features without any security or update worries. After integrating the software with your system and set of scooters, you are ready to launch your business.

Squillion Tech, a scooter-sharing software development company, has ready-to-use software to help you manage inventory, reach customers, and provide customer support. Our software integrates with various IoT devices to easily fit into your setup. Thus, it is an all-in-one solution to manage your scooter sharing business. We offer many an app with features to support your scooter rental services and boost your business.


Scooter sharing has become a new normal. With its environmental benefits and it is pocket-friendly charges for traveling, scooter rental is growing at an exceptional rate. Thus, with scooter sharing system there is a shift in how we travel around the city. We can ditch the long queues and push in the crowd on public transport. The e-scooter works on sustainable energy thus saving the depleting natural resources. Additionally, the compact size of the e scooter makes it easy to move through the traffic and parking. These are a few reasons why people are turning to e scooter rental for traveling. With quality scooters and scooter sharing software with the app you can start your scooter sharing business easily.