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EV Charging App Development: Locate And Charge

Create your custom EV Charging App Development to help your customer find your charging station with ease. Our team of experts develops the best EV charging app to enable your users to find the station, book a slot, start the charging session, and make secure payment in just a few clicks.

Features of EV Charging App

Basic features of the EV Charging Stations App, you can customize anytime!

Personal Account

Enable users to create a personal profile for finding stations, track their charging session, bookmark a station, and more.


Geolocation tracker to sort a list of EV charging stations nearby. Assists users in planning charging stoppage for long trips.

EV Charging Station List

A list of your EV charging stations available near the location for the customer to choose from

Advance Filters

Narrow down the list of stations nearby with advanced filters like charging types (Type 1 standard, Type 2 quick, Type 3 fast), charger types and waiting lines, more.

Slot Booking

Advance slot booking at the desired station to avoid queuing and save time.

Navigation To Station & Access

Live telematic GPS map to help your user to reach the EV charging station. An advanced algorithm to help users access the charging point.

Secure Payment Gateway

Diverse third-party integration for secure online payment.

Push Notifications

Real-time and promotional push notifications to inform and grab the attention of your user.

Rating & Review

Record customer reviews and ratings relating to their experience for performance analysis and improved service.

Customer Support

A dispute ticket system to provide real-time customer support and troubleshooting.

Boost Your Business With Our Intuitive App Development

How Does EV Charging Stations App Work?

Make EV charging accessible with an EV charging location app

Let’s Create Your Custom EV Charging App!

Environmental Benefits Of EV Charging App

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No Tailpipe Emission

Electric vehicles (EVs) have risen as an environment-saving alternative for transportation. The EV runs on electricity rather than the traditional petroleum options resulting in lower carbon emission and harmful gasses. It helps save our scarce petroleum reserves and reduce air pollution.

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Paperless Booking

The EV charging app relies on online slot booking through an algorithm. There is no need to maintain any physical book to keep a record of bookings or dispose of the papers.

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Cashless Transaction

Go Green with cashless transactions with the diverse online payment alternatives on the EV charging app.

Why Choose Us?

Squillion Tech offers the best EV charging app development service to boost your business with:

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Transparent Development Process

We believe in complete transparency of information for your project. We ensure that all the details regarding the project are clear to avoid any mishaps and hiccups.

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Secure Development with NDA

We understand that your investment and information in the EV Charging app is sensitive. We proceed with the project after signing an NDA to ensure that your project information is secure.

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Dedicated Tech Experts

We have a dedicated team of tech industry experts with varying expertise in cutting-edge technologies to ensure a smooth user experience on the app and in the back end.

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Diverse Third-Party Integration

Enhance your services with seamless third-party integration to boost your business (station visibility), assist your customers (payments & customer support), and ease operations management (booking & queue management).

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Unvarying Customer Support

We offer our unvarying support to our customers with a diligent customer support team to help you at any step where you face difficulty.

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Regular System Updates

Our commitment to staying up-to-date with technology growth extends to our customers. We regularly update systems with in-demand market technology to ensure that you stand ahead of your competition and provide the best security system to build credibility.

How does EV charging app development work?


In-depth information is gathered about technical and non-technical aspects of the app to establish clear goals and objectives.


Our UI/UX expert creates a user-friendly app design to ensure a smooth user experience, from finding stations to making payments and everything in between.


With cutting-edge technology, frameworks, APIs, and diverse third-party integration we create a robust EV charging app for Android, iOS, and the web.


We ensure app security with diverse app testing and debugging for a smooth user experience and avoid technical issues.


Once approved by you, we deploy the EV Charging Stations App and host it for your users to use it.


What is an EV Charging Stations App?

An EV Charging Stations App is a digital list of charging stations near a specific location for the electric vehicle. Using an app, your users can find all your EV charging stations near them to help you boost your business.


How does an EV Charging location app work?

When the user enters their geolocation, the app algorithm will show them all the nearby charging stations you have added to the app system. A user can select the station of their choice based on charging type, distance, and many other factors. They can book a charging slot and access it with a QR. Once their vehicle is charged, they can make a payment.

How much does EV charging app development cost?

There are many factors involved in calculating the cost of your EV charging app development. A few of the factors include the complexity of design, features, the technology used, third-party integrations, and more. The post-deployment services like routine system updates, third party integrations, or other services may add to the cost as well.

Can I customize the EV Charging App?

Yes! You can customize an EV charging app per your needs and boost your brand image and voice. We pay great attention to your needs during the discussion and development project to make your imagination come to life.


How do I improve my EV Charging App?

You can provide features on your EV charging app to facilitate the user like advanced filters, queue information of stations, diverse payment options, promotional offers, and more.


How do you ensure the security of the EV Charging App?

We adhere to strict industry standards to ensure the security of the EV charging app and its data. We offer authorized access to ensure that you control who has access to your app data and help you build credibility.