Have you ever wondered why Power BI has become a necessary investment for the business? Why is Microsoft Power BI consulting the talk of the town? Worry not, we are here to give you a note of why power BI consulting has an impact on your business. Read this blog to learn more. 

First, let’s understand the importance of the Power BI tool offered by Microsoft. Later, we will talk in detail about its impact on business and operations. 

Why Power BI Is Important?

Microsoft launched a business intelligence tool, Power BI, on 24th July 2015. What Power BI does is create a visual display of your business data. In simple terms, it is a data visualization tool to display your data or KPIs through appealing charts and graphs. Understanding data becomes easy because we retain more information in graphic form. Thus, Data Analysis With Power BI becomes an easy task. 

Power BI dashboard displays such charts and graphs for a 360-degree view of your business at your palm. Furthermore, Power BI helps you create a database by integrating various data sources. Therefore, Power BI is an essential tool for you to grow your business. 

What Is Power BI Consulting?

Power BI is a business intelligence tool that needs a specialized understanding of the platform. Hence, the Microsoft Power BI consulting service providers, aka Power BI constants! These are expert in Power BI with all the know-how up their sleeves. Thus, they are your partners assisting you get the best out of Power BI. 

They will help you understand why Power BI’s certain features are useful and best fit for you. The consultants hold knowledge of integration and streamlining the data ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) for building a database. Additionally, they help you create interactive dashboards and reports in a few clicks. 

Now, you know what Power BI is used for and who can help you use it easily. So, let’s get to what you want to know.  

Impact Of Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services On Your Business

Cost-effective expertise on demand 

If you were to decide between training a specialized team or hiring a Power BI consulting company, the latter is cost-effective. Because training a team not only needs financial but time investment as well. Thus, hiring an expert is a quick and cost-effective method of utilizing Power BI for your business. 

An expert helps you understand the platform well in a short time. They assist you in using and integrating advanced tools for better results. Additionally, they will provide basic training to your team to handle easy tasks of Power BI. Overall, they provide expert services on demand in a relatively short time with precision. Thus, Power BI consulting saves you financial and time resources, impacting your business with high ROI. 

Interactive dashboard for business at a glance

A Power BI dashboard consulting firm helps you create an interactive dashboard. The dashboard has charts and graphs displaying various KPIs and data of your business. This chart can help you get a 360-degree view of your business at a glance. It is like having an eagle eye on all your operations on your palm. 

Being a business owner or entrepreneur, having the urge to overlook some data of business at ungodly hours is inevitable. On the contrary, going to a business meeting out of town and the sudden need for some data is an unavoidable task. What if Power BI can solve this issue? Yup, that’s an easy affair with Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. 

So, what do Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service mean? The basic difference between a Power BI desktop and a Power BI service is the access to certain features. Notably, the feature of creating databases, data modeling, reports, and more. Power BI Service is a cloud-based SaaS, that allows you to access and share data, dashboards, and reports with the team or authorized entity. 

Building your data warehouse with ease 

The building block of Power BI is easy access to data. Data is crucial information for creating dashboards and reports. Thus, creating a large and up-to-date data warehouse is important for building your Power BI dashboard. The primary service of a power BI consulting solution is to integrate various data sources to create your data warehouse. A Power BI data consultant integrates various third-party data sets with your account. These data sets may include spreadsheets, google ad data, and more. 

Performance analysis for strategy formation 

Strategy formation is a crucial and time-consuming task for any business. However, having easy access to your fast data helps you make better strategies. You can compare those to the market conditions and build a strategy. Whether making a marketing strategy, expansion strategy, product launch, or more, data makes the process smooth and easy. 

You can track your departmental performance with the datasets. It helps you identify the problem areas to help your team to tackle the issue.

Easy trend projection for decision-making

Data helps you understand your past performance to improve your present performance. However, that’s not all. With the right data and efficient tracking, you can identify future trends and opportunities. Power BI for consulting helps you track data and identify potential gains and threats. It helps in competitor analysis, market analysis, and more to help you make better decisions. 

So, Power BI not only helps you gain insights into your current performance but also helps you determine future trends. This insight can help you time your strategies to get the best results. It gives you have eagle eye on your business and industry to thrive. 

Hassle-free report generation for saving time 

No more sitting hours, switching tabs, a finding the right file to create a report. Power BI eases your access to data and helps you generate reports. Additionally, they have many tools to help you cross and compare data within seconds. Thus, the charts and graphs give you real-time insights from desired data. It offers you a snapshot of a particular time to help you analyze the situation better. Therefore, it saves time and eases report generation and its analysis. 

Personnel training for upskilling

You can train your team to perform the basic functions daily. Worry not, you don’t have to hire a specialist for this. Power BI consulting firms offer personnel training to operate Power BI. It eases your work and also helps your team to upskill. This training enhances their performance and ensures precise and desired results. 

Squillion Tech: Your Trustworthy Power BI Consulting Company

Squillion Tech is a Power BI Consulting Services company recognized by Microsoft as a partner. We have a team of experts knowing the advanced tools and features of the platform. Thus, our team ensures that you get the best of Power BI to boost your business. 

From integration of various data sources, and creating a dashboard to training your team and generating reports we are eager to help you. With unwavering support and regular updates, we ensure our customers to help them stay ahead of the competition. We work globally with our power BI consultants enhancing data organization and extraction.  


Data insights are crucial to grow business and make effective and profitable decisions. Therefore, Power BI is a great tool to organize, analyze, and visualize the data to gain useful insights. However, to get the best out of this platform you need Power BI consultants. These consultants help you build your data warehouse, generate data reports, forecast future trends, and analyze performance. Specifically, these experts are cost-effective alternatives compared to training a team from scratch. Additionally, they also train your team to perform basic functions with ease. 

Microsoft Power BI consulting company, like Squillion Tech, helps you save time and money resources. So, they have a great impact on your business helping you make strategies, and decisions, saving time, and boosting your business.