If your business has some data to manage, you must have heard about Microsoft Power BI. It helps you to manage, analyze, and understand your data better. Thus, it changes how you get insights and revolutionizes the business decision-making process for you. Microsoft Power BI consulting service providers save you time, money, and effort to use the platform. But how do they do so? Or better, why are they so important for your business? Please read this blog to know as we answer all the why and how related to power BI consulting services.

Understanding Microsoft Power BI

Understanding Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI, as the name suggests, is a cloud-based business analytics tool launched by Microsoft. It was launched on July 24, 2015, to help businesses collect and analyze data better. So, through the years it has added more features to allow easy data integration, collaboration for reports, advanced dashboard settings, data security updates, and more. You can make a database with the necessary data and set up a system to generate live dashboards and reports. Therefore, you can automate data tracking and analysis easily. 

Why Do You Need Power BI Consulting Services? 

Why Do You Need Power BI Consulting Services?

You might wonder “If the Power BI basic version is free and easy to use why do I need a Power BI consulting service?” Well, you can indeed use the basic version easily. But, there are limitations to the benefits. However, with an experienced Microsoft Power BI consultant, you can use the advanced features of Power BI and analyze your data better. Following are a few reasons you need Microsoft Power BI consulting services. 

Create a data warehouse for you 

So, would you rather go to seven different stores to collect ingredients to make your cake or an all-in-one store? If the store is good and offers goods at a nice price, you are likely choosing the all-in-one store. Likewise, Microsoft Power BI provides you with all the necessary tools to build your database or data warehouse. A Microsoft Power BI consultant helps you in creating your database easily. 

Building a live KPI dashboard for you 

Data is useful only if you can extract insights from them. Enters the chat Powe BI dashboards! The interactive dashboard is linked to your database. So, they become dynamic to help you get a real-time view of your KPIs. A Power BI consultant understands your needs and creates KPIs-focused dashboards for you to get a 360-degree view of your business from anywhere. 

Facilitate the report generation process for you 

Backed with the data and analytical tools, your team can easily generate reports. A Microsoft Power BI consultant remodels the data into data sets that your team can understand. Therefore, whenever they need specific data they can extract it with ease to generate reports. 

So, we know why you need the Microsoft Power BI consulting services and the consultant. But, what more benefits can you get? 

Key Benefits of Power BI Consulting Services

Key Benefits of Power BI Consulting Services

Following are a few benefits of choosing Microsoft Power BI consulting services. 

Data collection and Integration become easy 

Data is the building block of your business. Therefore, you need to store and manage it well. So, a Power BI consulting service provider helps you do so. If they are expert Power BI developers they can integrate diverse data sources with Power BI for efficient data collection. Whether it is Google ads, Google spreadsheet, MS Excel, or other external cloud data storage, you can combine them all in Power BI. After data collection, the consultant remodels them to store data in a manageable way. 

Using the Power BI platform at full potential 

The free version of Power BI that you can operate is good for basic operations. However, when your business expands, your data gets complex. Having someone who can help you manage and use that data to get insights is a good investment. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI consulting service providers allow you to get the best out of your investment in the advanced Power BI solution. 

Assistance in creating dashboards for data visualization

The Microsoft Power BI consultant helps you create a live dashboard displaying all your KPIs. Whether you want a geo-map for live sales projections, past data for trend projection, or more they can help you with all. With Power BI developers you can visualize your data better. So, understanding and analyzing becomes much easier. 

Generating reports with a few clicks 

Report generation can be a tedious task. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI consulting services help you streamline the report generation process. They set up the datasets and train your team for data extraction when the need arises. So, your team can generate reports with the necessary information with a few clicks. 

Setting up a secured data access system 

One of the benefits of switching to a Power BI consulting service is the control over your data. Your database has sensitive data, so you need to safeguard it on Power BI. With the consultants, you can set role-based access. It helps you manage who can access the data and to what extent. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI consultants help you manage who sees your data and track the responsible person in case something happens. 

Personalize team training for Power BI 

A Microsoft Power BI consultant trains your team to access the platform. Therefore, you can get access to your necessary data and generate reports as you please. In case any of your team members face Microsoft Power BI service issues, the consultants can resolve the issue. So, they provide consistent support through the implementation and even after that so you don’t face any problems. 

So, let’s understand how to choose the right Power BI consultant for help. 

How to Choose the Right Power BI Consultant?

How to Choose the Right Power BI Consultant?

The consultant is like a Microsoft Power BI support contact to help you get the best out of the platform. Following are a few things you remember when selecting a Microsoft Power BI consultant

Expertise in Microsoft Power BI 

Only the one with expertise in Power BI can help you get the best results from it. Therefore, you should trust someone who knows what they are doing. One easy way to identify them is to know if they are authorized by Microsoft. Microsoft-authorized partners, like Squillion Tech, have their team consisting of Microsoft-certified Power BI developers. They are well-versed with the platform and its tools. So, they can help you use the advanced features with ease. 

Records or testimonies of the power BI consultant 

Ask them for their portfolio and testimonials to gauge their services. It helps you understand things from a customer POV. Therefore, you know what to expect and if you’ll get what you need from the Microsoft Power BI consultants. It includes the service, support, technical training, and more. 

Supporting Microsoft power BI consulting services 

Each Power BI consulting service comes with some extra perks. It ranges from data collection, team training, extraction of insights, and more. So, you must ask the service providers for all the services and supporting services they will offer and at what price. 

Squillion Tech is a Microsoft partner for providing Microsoft Power BI consulting service. We have a team of Microsoft-certified developers to provide you with advanced Power BI services for analytics and data visualization. 


Microsoft Power BI consulting helps you get the best of Power BI. The Microsoft Power BI consultant helps you with data integration to create a database, operating data visualization dashboards, datasets for report generation and analysis, and more. So, with Microsoft Power BI consulting you can get data insights to make better decisions and track your progress through KPIs and form strategies. Squillion Tech is one of the best Microsoft Power BI consulting service providers with a team of certified developers and analysts with years of experience in the field. We can help you streamline your data and make management and analysis easy.