If you have a business, you must know that your data tells a story. A story of success, failure, opportunities, and threats of all the actions you take. Therefore, you need to understand your data to thrive in business. Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization tool with analytical features to make data analysis easy. A consultant providing Power BI professional services can help you get the best of the platform and help you grow your business. So, we will talk all about Power BI professional services in this blog. 

What Power BI is used for? 

Power BI is used for

Business runs on data. So, you must understand and analyze your data to stay ahead in the market. While traditional data analysis was efficient, technological enhancement allows us to easily store, analyze, and visualize data. One such amazing tool trusted by many analysts is Power BI. Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool for businesses to manage and analyze their data easily. 

But, why choose Power BI when there are many more business intelligence tools? Microsoft is the provider and its advanced tools and features give them a competitive edge. Thus, it has been installed by many companies covering 17% of the relative business intelligence software market

What are Power BI professional services?

What are Power BI professional services_

Power BI professional services include an array of simple and advanced services one gets from the Power BI platform. The Power BI professional knows how Power BI works. Therefore, they help you with their knowledge to help your business get the desired result from the platform. So, the services range from understanding your business needs to training your staff on how to use the Power BI system and everything in between. These Power BI professionals are also known as Power BI Developers.

Who is a Power BI developer? A Power BI developer is someone with skills and knowledge of how and why Power BI is used and helps you implement it in your organization. They are skilled in development and statistics: the key components of Powe BI. You can recruit full-time Power BI developers or use contract-based Power BI developers for your project. If you want to know how to select the right Power BI professional for your business, read our blog where we have talked about how to choose the right  Power BI consultant in detail. 

Key components of Power BI professional services

Key components of Power BI professional services

Following are the key components or deliverables of the Power BI professional services. 

Consultation and strategy-building 

The first and the most important step of Power BI consultation is, well, consultation. In the consultation stage, you and the Power BI professionals sit in a meeting and discuss the scope of the project. So, during this meeting, you must list the results and services you want. Whether it’s building a data warehouse, custom dashboards, and analytical results you want in your custom Power BI solution. On the other hand, the Power BI consultant can provide you with the strategy and flow of Power BI implementation for your project.  

Integration and development of the Power BI tool

Once the consultation is over and strategies are made, it’s time to start working on the Power BI platform. During this stage, the Power BI professional service provider goes into developer mode. Thus, they start by creating a Power BI account, if not already opened, and start by integrating the basic tools and data sources. Furthermore, they develop the basic dashboards and report generation mechanism. 

Setup data management system 

Data is the oxygen of your Power BI system. Therefore, you need to manage your data well. The Power BI professionals create a custom data management system as per your needs. For this, they collect data from diverse sources and integrate them with your Power BI account. Thus, a huge data set or data warehouse will be created. Later, by using data modeling techniques they will create custom data sets to fit your needs. Anyone can extract the necessary data from these data sets as and when needed. The setup and implementation of Power BI take the most time. 

Implementation of customized Power BI plan 

So, once the Power BI data set, dashboards, and analysis tools are ready, they will implement the system in your company. Here, they will set up a role-based access system to secure the data sources. They will develop all the complex dashboards and use Power BI service status to check if the used data is updated or not. 

Consistent Support and Staff Training 

After the final implementation of the Power BI in your organization, the Power BI professional service providers help you train your team. Thus, they help you and your team understand how the platform works and how you can operate it. They will train your team so they can extract data, generate reports, and share and edit those reports when the need arises. Furthermore, they provide consistent support to you to make the solution better, tackle mishaps, and update the system when the need arises. 

So, you know what are the key services a Power BI professional provides. But, why do you need a Power BI consultant when the Power BI basic features are free to use by anyone? Well, let’s talk about the needs and benefits of hiring Power BI professional service providers. 

Benefits of Power BI professional services for your business

Benefits of Power BI professional services for your business

Expert knowledge for smooth development 

The Power BI developers have a higher qualification in the analytical or development field. To ensure that you have chosen the right consultant you can check if they have official Microsoft Power BI professional certification from Microsoft. The certificate is offered by Microsoft to those who have been evaluated by Microsoft to provide Power BI consultation service. 

Those Power BI professionals have technical as well as market knowledge. Therefore, they understand your needs and make suggestions to help you achieve your desired results. With their experience, they can help you optimize your solution to get a high ROI on investment in Power BI. 

Create customized Power BI solutions 

Each business idea is unique. Thus, it requires unique data management and analysis solutions. Power BI allows users to create custom dashboards to visualize different KPIs, data modeling techniques for database management, and report generation mechanisms for each of your teams. Therefore, a Power BI professional service provider helps you customize the features offered by Power BI to fit your business needs. 

Seamless implementation within your organization 

Integrating Power BI into your system can be tricky. Therefore, an expert Power BI professional will integrate Power BI into your business system easily. The Power BI allows advanced integration to various data sources and rest APIs. It helps the users to gather data and generate reports easily. 

Easy decision-making with data dashboards 

A business needs to make varying decisions regularly. Some decisions are trivial, while others can decide the future of the business. Therefore, one needs to be mindful while making decisions. Data can help you understand a situation and make better decisions. However, data alone are of no use. The insights collected from those data help you in decision-making. 

Power BI has analytical tools to help you analyze and visualize those data on the dashboard. Thus, you can easily draw useful insights by comparing and analyzing data with various statistical tools. These insights help you understand your performance, business standing, future projections, and more to make better decisions for your business. 

Quick and efficient report generation 

The Power BI professionals create data sets to facilitate report generation. Anyone can create the desired report from the report server with efficient training. Additionally, the Power BI consultant can set up an automated report system to enable the team members to create quick reports. Thus, the team members can create, share, and edit reports by collaborating with other team members easily. It saves time, and energy, and creates reliable reports. 

Effortless collaboration within the team 

The Power BI provides Power BI Desktop and Power BI cloud-based services. There are many differences between the Power BI Desktop and Power BI service but they both allow team collaboration. The Power BI desktop is used to create data sets, dashboards, and reports. Anyone with access can use the Power BI desktop to create and edit reports. However, the Power BI service offered through cloud-based apps and the web allows the users to only interact with the report and not generate one. 

These were the benefits of hiring a Power BI consultant. If you want to know how data analysis can help your business, read our blog where we talk about enhancing business with analysis using  Power BI consulting services

Squillion Tech: Providing personalized Power BI professional services

Squillion Tech_ Providing personalized Power BI professional services

Squillion Tech is a top technology niche company focused on providing diverse tech solutions to our customers. One of our best services is our  Power BI consulting service we provide as a certified Microsoft Partner firm. We have established ourselves as one of the trusted names in the Power BI consultation industry with our consistent work, dedicated support, and result-driven strategies. We understand that each business needs a unique set of solutions to reach its highest potential. 

Why trust us as your Power BI service providers?

  • Certified Microsoft partner for providing Power BI services 
  • Team of experts with Power BI professional certifications 
  • Strategic consultation to create your Power BI solution 
  • The customized solution creates a Power BI plan that fits your needs 
  • Personal training for your team to access and use the platform 
  • Regular updates and performance reviews to calculate ROI

So, do you want to embrace the power of data for your business?  Book a free consultation with us to learn how you can use data analytics to your benefit. 


Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool to collect, analyze, and visualize data. Power BI professional services are provided by Power BI consultants. They help you with strategy formation, development, integration of data sources, implementation of Power BI in your organization, and more. Therefore, with the help of Power BI professional service providers, you can create your data sets, custom dashboards, and reports, and automate report generation as well. Additionally, the Power BI service providers help you train your team to access the platform and use it. They help you establish a role-based access system to secure the data. Squillion Tech is a Power BI consulting company providing professional Power BI services customized to your business needs. Book a free counseling session to learn how we work.